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It’s morning. You wake up. You open your eyes. What do you see?
Now, look to the left. Right now. Do it. Take it in. I’ll wait.
Then look to the right. Notice what is around you. Absorb the details of your gaze. Then take a slow deep breath, feel yourself relax, and begin your day.

When you walk down the street, look up. Study the roof tops, the tips of trees, the curled up edges of leaves tasting the impending Fall.

Set your eyes on a building you find interesting. Pause for a moment. Notice its frame, pattern, and strength. Consider its design – hard lines or soft shapes? Does it impose on surroundings? Notice materials the building is made of. Are they smooth to touch or rough like brick? What do you think the architect felt when designing it? What does its design suggest its place in society would be?

Continue your walk. Look up at the sky. Feel the wind. Do gentle clouds float by overhead and pass through structures? Is it a cold Winter day with ice forming a layer of glass, making you slide more than walk or is rain coming down so hard on your face your eyes roam to find the nearest shelter?

Fine Art photography takes all these things in (and more) and sets forth a new dimension – sometimes one that slightly resembles the world, sometimes a stark reflection, and other times something totally new, … but always a photographer’s vision.


  • Commissioned Works of Art
    Custom Art to match interiors
    Abstract Photography
    Long Exposure Photography
    Black and White Photography
    Color Photography

    Fine Art

  • Interiors and Exteriors
    Commercial and Luxury Properties
    Web Marketing Imagery
    Printed Marketing Imagery
    Usage Licensing
    Real Estate Interiors and Exteriors
    Perfect for Businesses creating new websites and marketing materials
    Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Home Stagers, Commercial and Luxury Realtors

    Architectural Interiors and Exteriors

  • Portraits, Headshots, 3/4 length portraits, environmental portraits
    Individuals, Small – Large Businesses, Corporations
    Model and Actor Headshots
    Marketing and Web Imagery, Usage Licenses
    Different backgrounds are available
    In home studio sessions

    Portraits, Headshots, and Environmental Portraits

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