I began studying photography in 2009 and a few years later worked as a Photography Manager for a corporation in Chicago. I captured portraits, products, city views, and even a couple events. In Spring 2014, I started freelancing under Janice D Nelson Photography. Although I photograph different subjects, I specialize in head shots and portraits, architecture, and fine art. During this time, I’ve been blessed enough to become an award winning, published photographer.

Janice D Nelson, About the Artist
About the Artist, Janice D Nelson

Before working as a photographer, I began my career as a teacher. From there I worked in the corporate world for 20 years, predominantly in Staff, Training, and HR roles. I even very briefly dabbled as a model in my youth and registered with two agencies. I hold a teaching certificate, a BA in Communication and Education, and a  Masters in Organizational Behavior and OD Consulting. When the ODI existed, I was a Registered OD Consultant.

What does all this mean? I believe in lateral growth and continuous learning regardless of age. This philosophy applies to Photography, too. I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), KelbyOne, and an attendee of a Vision Explorers Fine Art workshop with Joel Tjintjelaar, Julia Ann Gospodarou, Sharon Tenenbaum. I also have attended workshops with Joe McNally, Scott Kelby, and RC Concepcion. Since I am always learning and studying something related to photography I occasionally accept other assignments (e.g., weddings, products, school portraits). I am most at peace when creating works of art for myself or others – whether a black and white fine art image or color portrait. I take great care in planning, shooting, and meticulously post processing images, in order to create images you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.


I built and maintain three websites:,, and is my main portfolio. is dedicated to fine art. Whittleweb is a blog that has nothing to do with photography. There you will find recipes and moments not of great significance to anyone other than me or perhaps an occasional passerby.

As a side note, if you are looking to improve your own photography or hire a portrait photographer, I have several blog posts at you might want to take a look at. (One talks about some things to look for and consider when reviewing photography portfolios, another discusses group photography, and one is related to wedding photography.) For those interested in honing photography skills, KelbyOne delivers world class performance-based training. provides video instruction in not only photography and gear from many of the world’s top photographers, but Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, retouching, web design, and more. Also, PPA, if you join, provides access to a network of resources. All of the resources mentioned are phenomenal, and I can’t thank the people behind them enough for the joy, knowledge, and life experiences they spawn.