Matting and Framing Options

Three options are available:

1. (Print Only) The benefit of purchasing a “print only” is that you can choose matting and framing after your print arrives. You can then take the print to your local frame smith and have a custom mat and frame made specifically with your preferences. You can choose the vendor as well. Overall, this is also the most economical choice, in that there is no cost for the additional matting and framing, there is no surcharge for matting and framing, and shipping costs are reduced. In addition, your print arrives sooner than if you ordered it with a mat and frame. All Limited Edition prints are available for purchase as “print only.” (Preview)

2. (Print and Mat) The second option is to order a pre-selected white acid free mat (front mat with backing) for your print at an additional charge. This option can add a week or two to the order, depending upon inventory/availability. (Preview)

3. (Print, Mat and Frame) The third option is to order your print with a pre-selected acid free white mat and black frame. Additional charges are incurred for the mat, frame, handling, shipping, and additional time required. This option can add two to four weeks to your order, depending on availability. (Preview)

For all Limited Edition Fine Art Print options, payment in full is required before an order is printed, signed, matted, framed, etc. For information on matting and framing options, email